Monday, April 18, 2011

My First Post: Introduction

This is a blog dedicated to the unique aspects of law that exist in sports. I've found that most people tend to be fairly knowledgeable about sports and law separately, but know next to nothing about the places where the two coincide. I'd like to fix that.

Okay, so who am I? I am a law student at Washington & Lee University, in Lexington, Virginia. I'm finishing up my first year in about ten days and presumably I will have my J.D. in 2013. I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio and I went to college at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

What is this? This is my blog. Ultimately, I want it to become a blog about the legal side of sports. This is definitely the summer to try that experiment, since the NFL is in a labor situation and the NBA will soon join it. I also want it to be about the internal laws of the sports world, from rule changes and application in-game to disciplinary action outside the game.

I will give you fair warning though: it's pretty likely that I will occasionally post as a fan or simply rant about some aspect of my life on here instead of doing actual legal analysis of sports. When I do that, I'll label the post. For example, later tonight I'm going to rant about something that truly pissed me off earlier and it will have RANT before the post title.

I'm also not afraid of using explicit language in some circumstances, so take this as a warning that most posts will likely have words that some may find offensive, but are FCC-legal. If a post has very strong or explicit language, I will put a warning in the post heading.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I'll have something, probably a brief overview of how legal analysis applies to what I call pseudolaw, the use of legal processes and structures outside a purely legal field.

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